Fandom Fashion Find: Batman Black Milk on its way


‘Because they’re the swimsuits Gotham deserves, but not the ones it is getting right now. So we’ll hunt them, because we can’t take it.’

I am a massive Batman fan. If anybody ever asks me who my favourite superhero/vigilante is, the answer, with no hint of hesitation, is always the Dark Knight. Believe me, I have had some intense conversations about him.. I will defend Batman to the death.

I am also a massive Black Milk Clothing fan. They are amazing. They provide women with a huge catalogue of geeky, pop culture clothing, which isn’t aimed at 12 year old boys, and actually looks sexy. Their designs range from Lord of the Rings dresses, to StarWars leggings, and Adventure Time Tshirts. Myself, I own a pair of amazingly dorky R2D2/C3PO leggings, and a couple of equally nerdtastic dresses.

Well, you can imagine my shrieks of absolute joy when I saw their new line of Batman clothing, including a rather spectacular looking Poison Ivy Tshirt, and even a Joker swimsuit using Jock’s memorable Joker design from the Detective Comics series (I previously wrote about his wonderful artwork appearing as graffiti in an abandoned hospital)

There is currently no release date, but I will be carefully watching the Black Milk website for signs of the caped crusader.



7 thoughts on “Fandom Fashion Find: Batman Black Milk on its way

      • Dick Grayson is my favorite too! My second favorite would probably be Tim Drake, and I think that’s because he was in the first Batman series I ever watched. Have you ever watched a show called Young Justice?

        • It would have to be Tim Drake. Your only other options are Jason Todd, who becomes pretty damn evil, or Damian Wayne, who is a spoiled brat. I haven’t seen any Young Justice, though I have read some comics about them. Is it worth a watch?

  1. Young Justice is definitely worth the watch. I think it’s actually one of the best super hero shows I’ve ever watched. It doesn’t really follow the comics, though. But I think it works out better that way, it leaves a lot more room for it to become its own thing. Plus, I think they did a really good job on their portrayal of the characters, especially in the first season.

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