Geek It Yourself: Zombie Survival Kit


I asked my sister what she wanted for Christmas this year, and she requested some de-icer. She had just bought herself a new car, and was determined that that was all she wanted. Well, I personally thought that was boring, but I liked the idea of getting her something for her new Ford Ka, so I decided to make her a survival box, but not just any survival box, a zombie survival box.

I started by making a list of rules that would help her survive the apocalypse, and with a little help from Zombieland, I came up with 10.

Rule 1: Cardio
Rule 2: Bathrooms
Rule 3: Know your way out
Rule 4: Beware of the dark
Rule 5: Stay Warm
Rule 6: Stay Hydrated
Rule 7: Keep the germs away
Rule 8: Beware of infection
Rule 9: Getaway Plan
Rule 10: Weapons

I then set about looking for an appropriate box that would fit in her boot, and products to put into the box. These things would all help her comply with the rules.

Cereal Bars & Chocolate
– Supply her with energy to run from away from the zombies (Rule 1)
Red Bull
– Give her a boost if she’s feeling sluggish (Rule 1)
– Because when you’ve got to go, you’ve got to go (Rule 2)
– Navigate her way out of an attack (Rule 3)
Wind up Torch
– So there’s always light if batteries are hard to find (Rule 4)
Glow Sticks
– Incase she needs to manoeuvre around, but avoid zombie attention (Rule 4)
Emergency Blanket
– Incase the nearest shelter is occupied by the undead (Rule 5)
– Because nobody can fight off walkers with cold hands. Also ..Molotov Cocktails (Rule 5)
Bottled Water
– Beware of contamination (Rule 6)
Rubber Gloves
– Incase she needs to move a dead body (Rule 7)
Face Masks
– Incase the virus goes airborne (Rule 7)
Wet Wipes
– Keeps those germs off her hands (Rule 7)
First Aid Kit
– Fixes up the scratches and cuts caused by zombie chasing (Rule 8)
– You can’t stop during the apocalypse, not even for headaches (Rule 8)
De-Icer and Screen Wash
– The car always needs to be ready for a quick getaway (Rule 9)
Survival Tool Kit
– Helps create a temporary weapon if her shotgun runs out of bullets (Rule 10)




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