Review: The Wolf Among Us


Developed by Telltale Games (those super awesome guys who created the fantastic Walking Dead game), The Wolf Among Us is a new game based on a series of comic books called Fables. These comics, in turn, are a modern spin on the Grimm fairy tales, with an emphasis on grim.

Opening with a scene depicting a Woodsman drunkenly smacking a prostitute around, this is clearly not going to be a child friendly game. Taking control of Bigby Wolf, aka. The Big Bad Wolf who swallowed Red Riding Hood, you’re tasked with investigating the first murder in Fabletown for many years, a plot which already seems quite promising.

As with the Walking Dead, the artwork is tremendous, and combined with the ambient music and the gritty characters, it all comes together to make for a very evocative world. So far I’ve been introduced to about a dozen characters, ranging from the aforementioned Prostitute, and drunken Woodsman, to Colin, one of the three little pigs, who insists on a whisky and smoke before he lets you take a damn nap. So far, every character has been memorable, so I can’t wait to meet a whole lot more of them.

The second episode; Smoke and Mirrors, is due for release in early 2014.



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