Balloon Bag End


I can’t say I’ve ever attempted to create anything out of balloons, not even a dog, but watching this guy ..boy do I wish I had learnt! I got insanely excited when I created a tiny fort made of blankets the other day, imagine what I’d be like if my entire bedroom was a balloon shire! I don’t think I’d ever leave it. I’d put my Hobbit feet up on that little balloon stool, drink the Hobbit beer I brought back from New Zealand, and watch Lord of the Rings in a continuous loop for the rest of my life.

This guy, Jeremy Telford, is one talented Frodo. Creating a balloon chair in itself is quite an impressive achievement, in my opinion. But a whole room, with walls, a ceiling, a table, cupboards, even a fireplace ..I think I should actually be calling him Gandalf. He made the whole thing over three days, with around 2,600 balloons. Watch the video below of him creating it. There’s even a little bit at the end which shows it’s destruction, which makes me weep whilst also making me rather jealous that I’m not bouncing around on that bubble wrap style ceiling.




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