Youtube Spotlight: Mario craft

I love playing minecraft. It’s one of those games that you can easily get completely lost in. Hours upon hours of my life have been spent creating castles and tree houses, digging down to the bedrock, and collecting all the diamond I can lay my hands on. I try to be a little adventurous every now and then by creating unusual structures. I think the coolest thing I ever made was a replica of Carl’s house from the movie Up, balloons and all. It was obviously one of my proudest moments.

The guys at Rooster Teeth are on a whole different level ..level 1 to be exact. They created a replica of the first level in the Mario game series, then recorded it from different angles so that it actually looks like it’s being played. They have pipes, and coins, bad guys, and even mushrooms. Have a look at the video above for the full video. Below is the original Mario gameplay, for reference.

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