Youtube Spotlight: Agent Coulson goes Badass


Agent Coulson has become quite popular in the Marvel universe, for someone who wasn’t even originally in the comics. He’s courageous and funny, and if you’ve seen the Avengers movie, you will know that this mild mannered agent gave his life (so we thought at the time) to help win the war against evil – an absolute hero.

Watching this Marvel short, you will now get to see how totally badass he is as well. It is called ‘A funny thing happened on the way to Thor’s Hammer’, which suggests that it’s set during the very first Thor movie, when SHIELD originally find Mjolnir. Agent Coulson stops for gas, and while deciding which donuts he wants to buy, finds himself facing two men trying to rob the place. As always he’s charming, but this time, instead of using his talented tongue to diffuse the situation, he cracks out a can of Whoop-Ass. Watch the movie below.

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