A Trekkie’s Fantasy


Star Trek superfans, or ‘Trekkies’, are usually some of the most eccentric fans in the world. Line Rainville, from Canada, is definitely no exception. Her obsession with the Star Trek franchise, along with 30,000 dollars, has created this Star Trek masterpiece – she has transformed the whole basement of her home into the Enterprise starship.

Line became a Trekkie when she was a child. She fell in love with Captain Kirk, as we all do at some point, and her obsession just grew over time. Her Enterprise project initially started out as a home theatre room in the basement, but gradually it expanded, and now it also contains a bathroom, a bedroom, a study, and even her very own transporter room. She has tried to keep it as much like the original 1960’s Enterprise tv series as possible. This includes displaying various props from the show, such as a 3D chess set, food replicators, and even Spock’s Vulcan Bells.

Read more about why she created her masterpiece here.







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