Artist Alley: Marvel/DC Mashup


The rivalry between Marvel and DC is intense. From time to time, I find myself wondering which team I prefer, and never seem to come up with a conclusive answer. You see, I’m a Batman girl, I love the Dark Knight more than any other hero in the comic book world. I also love the DC villains; Joker, Riddler, Mr Freeze, Two Face, Harley Quinn. But when I think of superhero team ups, the Justice League just doesn’t do it for me, I prefer The Avengers and The X-Men. I’m also a massive fan of the Scarlet Witch it’s a really difficult choice.

Deviant artist Doubleleaf must have agreed that picking between Marvel and DC was too difficult, because he has combined superheroes from both universes to create a Marvel/DC mashup. This includes Green Wolverine – Green Lantern and Wolverine, Captain Batman – Captain America and Batman, Flash Hulk – The Flash and The Hulk, Aquadevil – Aquaman and Daredevil, and finally Captain Crawler – Captain Marvel and Nightcrawler. Can you imagine a Flash Hulk? A super strong, super fast green machine ..terrifying!





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