Artist Alley: Zombie Pokemon


Zombies are something that most people are very familiar with in this day and age. If you haven’t seen one of the many zombie movies, like Evil Dead, Resident Evil, or Day of the Dead, then you’ve probably seen The Walking Dead. And if you haven’t seen The Walking Dead, then you’re probably a zombie yourself.

There are so many different interpretations of zombies. I think my favorite is probably the original, crawling up out of their grave, decomposing and covered in soil zombie; the slow ones, that you can actually run away from. Daryl Hobson has perfected this Zombie image. He has gradually been turning the original 150 Pokemon into zombie versions of themselves. I love this idea, and i’m actually quite surprised that I haven’t seen any fan art like this before. The level of decomposition on each Pokemon varies. Some are missing eyes, legs or arms. Some have their intestines spilling out, or their brains on show. My favorites are the ones with their ribs exposed.

z8 z7 z6 z5 z4

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