Artist Alley: Pages are coming to life


I’ve heard some people say that when they read books, the pages come to life. I just never imagined that the saying could be literal. This is a sculpture created by Danish artist Victoria. It is a representation of a scene from the newest Hobbit movie, The Desolation of Smaug, where Bilbo Baggins is hiding from the beastly dragon, whilst trying to find the Arkenstone for Thorin.

The whole sculpture is actually made from the Hobbit book itself. It looks as if Bilbo has jumped out of the pages, and Smaug is slithering after him, trying to bring him back. The detail is amazing, she has managed to recreate an almost exact replica of the CGI dragon used in the movie, even down to the scales. I wouldn’t even know where to begin creating something like this.






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