Fandom Fashion Find: Bionic Legs


Ever wondered what life would be like if you were part robot? Well, unless you fancy being brutally murdered, getting revived by Omni Consumer Products, and then becoming Robocop, chances are you’ll never find out. I guess you could lose a limb like John Kennex in Almost Human and get an android leg.. But the point is, you’re going to have to go through a lot of pain!

These Bionic Leggings created by Mitmunk let you look like a robot, without the actual hassle of becoming one. Mitmunk are a design studio based in Vancouver, with a video games background, who specialise in nerdy, printed apparel and accessories. Their bionic leggings come in a huge array of colours AND they aren’t gender specific, so guys, you can play dress up too. Everyday cosplay is becoming quite a trend so I can see these being massively popular.






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