Youtube Spotlight: Sherlock dances to Thriller


If you’re a Sherlock fan, you’ve probably just seen the most recent series. This means you will have seen episode 2 – The Sign of Three. The episode was set at a wedding, Watson and Mary’s wedding. There is a particular scene where Sherlock is dancing with Janine, one of Mary’s bridesmaids, and he confesses to love dancing, producing a rather amazing pirouette. Apart from a bit of ballroom dancing and this little sequence, he doesn’t actually take to the dance floor like the rest of the guests, he leaves in true Sherlock style, like a smooth criminal (see what I did there, Michael Jackson reference)

Well what if he had stayed and boogied all night. What if he had done the Macarena. What if he had done some twerking. I’m not sure I could picture that, however, witness Benedict Cumberbatch dancing to the Thriller below. It is truly fantastic. He is far too adorable!

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