Fandom Fashion Find: Tauntaun Hoodie


One of the most memorable scenes in the history of Star Wars is during Empire Strikes Back, when Han Solo finds Luke Skywalker stranded outside the rebel base in Hoth, and saves his life by stuffing him inside a dead Tauntaun. Luke’s been injured and is freezing to death until Solo comes across his body. To keep him alive, he uses Skywalker’s lightsaber to slice open the belly of the animal, and places him inside to keep warm until he kind find proper shelter.

I can’t imagine it was the most pleasant place to rest, but it kept him alive. I guess the thing to take away from this is that if you find yourself stranded in the cold, find a nice toasty Tauntaun and wear it like a coat. Welovefine has actually made this possible. They have created this amazing Tauntaun hoody, minus the blood, but including the guts. The jacket is modelled on the animal, complete with ears and horns on the hood, printed intestine on the lining of the hoody, and even a little lightsaber zipper. Fortunately it doesn’t smell like a rotting corpse.





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