Fandom Fashion Find: My Sun and Stars, Moon of my Life


If you’ve been watching the Game of Thrones series, a television show based on the books of George R. R. Martin, you will definitely be familiar with Daenerys (Dany) the Mother of Dragons. And If you have been watching the series from the very beginning, you will know that she was once married to a powerful Dothraki leader, Khal Drogo. Danys brother, Viserys, promised her hand in marriage to Drogo, in return for an army to help him invade Westeros and take back the Iron Throne. She was terrified of the powerful man to begin with, but their love soon grew, and it became quite an endearing sub story within the show.

One of my favourite thing about the couple was the mutual respect they end up having for each other, and how Drogo treats Daenerys as his equal, even though she is only a simple woman in everyone else’s eyes. Their respect turns into undying love, and this produces some of the most beautiful lines in the whole show; ‘My Sun and Stars’ ‘Moon of my Life’. These two phrases are how the lovers refer to each other.

I don’t recall ever seeing them wear a wedding band when they marry, but if they were going to, I think these rings would be most appropriate. They are absolutely stunning, and elegant yet simple. One band features a bright yellow 18K sapphire, depicting the sun. The other is engraved with stars, and holds the crescent moon. Each ring is made of 14K white gold, and is 5mm wide. The set is designed by Natalia Moroz, who makes them to order with the help of her husband. Coming in at just over £1,000, they aren’t cheap, but if you have a love like Dany and Drogo, they are definitely worth it.





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