Zombie Venom


Marvel have so many alternate universes making up their multiverse, that it’s hard to keep count. One of these is called Earth 2149. It’s almost exactly the same as the main universe, Earth 616, except for the fact that there is a disease rapidly circulating, turning everybody into flesh eating zombies. The infection spread throughout the entire planet infecting both humans and super humans alike, however, the superheroes and villains of earth still maintained a lot of their powers, allowing them to wipe out humankind altogether.

The comics depicting this universe are pretty graphic, and this bust of Venom as a zombie definitely does the series justice. The statue was created by Gentle Giant, and is the second bust made for their Marvel Zombie Villains line following a release of Magneto. Venom makes an incredibly appropriate and bad ass edition to the series. The symbiote is pretty terrifying in his own right. Turning him into a zombie is enough to give you nightmares. The detail is incredible, from the muscles that cover his body, to the bones poking out of his flesh. I’ve always liked to think that I’d stand a chance in the apocalypse, but going head to head with Zombie Venom would definitely not allow me to come out on top.




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