Doctor Who’s new outfit?


A range of new Doctor Who figurines were revealed at the UK toy fair yesterday afternoon, one of which is the reincarnated 12th doctor, modelled on Peter Capaldi who will play the newest doctor when the next season airs later this year.

The collection is based around the 50th anniversary and Christmas special episodes. There will be seven toys released to start with, but expect an expansion on this throughout 2014 as series 8 begins. The current characters include a Zygon, a brand new Clara Oswald, Matt Smith’s Eleventh Doctor, a Weeping Angel, an Assault Dalek, an Imperial Guard Dalek and the newly-regenerated Twelfth Doctor (Peter Capaldi).

12 is seen wearing a slightly modified version of the clothing Matt Smith was wearing at the end of the Christmas Special – the garb Capaldi regenerated into. It includes a shirt and waistcoat, minus the bow tie, and a long purple jacket. I would like to think that they end up being a little more adventurous with his final outfit, but there is always the possibility that this is it. I will be a very disappointed if it is. I always pictured Capaldi as a top hat and monocle kind of doctor.

EDIT: Peter Capaldi’s outfit has officially been released. Take a look at it here


One thought on “Doctor Who’s new outfit?

  1. These look amazing. I’ve never personally watched Doctor Who, but my sister practically knows everything about it. She took one look at this post on my computer screen, and she’s like “Hey, that’s Doctor Who.”

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