Top 10: Nerdy Mugs


Think Geek have just released this awesome heat changing, Space Invaders mug on their website, which has inspired me to make a list of my favourite nerdy mugs. I think a good, sturdy mug is important for your everyday coffee needs, but if you’re using it constantly, it also needs to look interesting as well.

10. Pikachu Mug


This little Mug is adorable. It’s based on Pikachu, from the popular Japanese franchise, Pokemon. The design in very clever, a sleeping Pikachu appears on the front, and back of the mug, with his electric tail making up the handle. Unfortunately, It doesn’t look like it’s very pleasant to hold. After about three cups of coffee, I think I’d definitely have to give in and revert back to my boring white cup.

9. 3D Unicorn Mug


This is definitely one of the prettiest mugs I’ve seen. A massive white unicorn adorns the front of the mug, it’s tail curling to make the handle, then on the back, a big rainbow with fluffy clouds and blue skies. There’s no doubt that drinking from this would set you off in a good mood, though I am currently unsure as to whether a sip will give you ever lasting youth or not. I hope it makes you sparkle at the least.

8. Pixel Heart Mug


Everybody could do with an extra life some mornings, that’s why I love this Pixelated Heart mug. The heart turns red when you pour a hot beverage inside, then goes back to black when it’s empty or cold. It’s a constant reminder that you need to fill up on ‘health’ if you want to survive the day.

7. Laboratory Beaker Mug


I wasn’t a massive fan of Science when I was in school. The long words and complex diagrams kind of put me off. I always loved Chemistry though. Measuring out liquids and mixing them together, I felt like a wizard in Potions class. And you know, coffee is essentially full of chemistry right, so why not start drinking it out of a Scientific beaker. A genius would, I’m sure.

6. Camera Lens Mug


This awesome mug has been made to look like a real DSLR camera lens. Infact, it is so detailed that I’m sure you could convince everybody you really were the worlds most laid back photographer, drinking out of your own equipment whilst on a break. It has a ‘lens cap’ lid to keep all your beverages super toasty, and this even doubles up as a little plate for cookies and miniature snacks.

5. Cookie Monster Mug


This is such a simple mug, yet so original. I just love it. A plain blue cup with googley Cookie Monster eyes seems kind of dull, but the best bit is the Mouth gap at the bottom of the mug, to stash you favourite biscuits, and keep them from being gobbled by the Cookie Monster himself.

4. R2D2 Mug


R2D2 is definitely up there as one of my favourite Star Wars characters, so this mug being a replica of the amazing little robot had to be in my top 10. All the detail is there, even the delicate buttons and switches. There is also a lid to keep your drink warm, and act as R2s head. I need this in my life.

3. Lego Mugs


I love Lego, and I love drinking, so building up lego while I’m drinking seems like the only logical step forward. These cups have their own stackable lego casings, so you can play with them as much as you like. They’re colourful and fun, definitely a nerdy kitchen must have.

2. Dinosaur Mug


At first glance this appears to be just a normal dinosaur mug, the kind you get in a Science museum or a Natural History Museum, but put water into it, and it will transform before your eyes. It’s a heat sensitive mug, so placing any hot beverage inside will make the dinosaurs on the front turn into skeletons and go extinct. It’s a really clever idea. I’d love to see more like this.. Maybe with fictional characters.

1. Ninja Mug


This is the best mug ever! Not only does it supply you with a vessel to drink from, but also a ninja mask covering to keep your drink warm, a throwing star coaster to hold your cup, and a samurai sword spoon to mix in that well deserved sugary goodness. I don’t want to spread too much false hope, but I am pretty sure that drinking from this will give you über awesome ninja powers, and if not, then at least the caffeine will get you through the day.

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