Youtube Spotlight: Medieval Land Fun-Time World


I am a terrible lip reader. I’ve tried on many occasion, and most of the time I can’t even make out proper words, let alone the correct ones. Well, it seems that these guys can’t lip read either. They have created this insanely clever video called Medieval Land Fun-Time World, where they have taken clips from the popular HBO show Game of Thrones, muted them, and re-dubbed what the characters are saying with ridiculous one-liners. It is very out of context, and insanely funny.

This five minute video shows Ned Stark as a theme park manager who has just a week to bring his employees into line before opening day. Other characters include Joffery, Tyrion, Jamie and Daenerys. Game Of Thrones is not the only film to be spoofed by Bad Lip Reading, they have also re-dubbed The Hunger Games, Amazing Spider-Man, and The Walking Dead, which are equally as funny.

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