Peter Capaldi’s Doctor Who Outfit


The BBC have just released the first image of Peter Capaldi in his brand new costume for portraying the reincarnated 12th Doctor, and it is definitely not what I expected. Each doctor has his own signature outfit. For example; Seven (Sylvester McCoy) wore an iconic jumper riddled with red question marks, with a matching question mark umbrella and Panama hat, Four (Tom Baker) wore a wide brim hat with that Impractically long multi-coloured scarf, Eleven (Matt Smith) wore a tweed Jacket and bow tie, and Ten (David Tennant) had a pin-stripe suit with converse trainers and a trench coat.

Capaldi’s doctor will be wearing a dark blue coat with red lining, dark blue trousers, a white shirt and black Dr Marten shoes. It all seems very tame. He looks incredibly classy, which is all well and good, it’s just not as interesting as I’d hoped. The Doctor Who costumes usually reflect each Drs personality. Does this mean that Twelve is going to have rather serious characteristics in the upcoming series? He looks a little bit like a magician.. I just wish he had a flower that squirts water in your face, tucked in his lapel.


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