Unicorn Bouquet


Valentines day is just around the corner, and it’s the one holiday I’m not particularly fond of. The cliché gifts that you have to get your partner just because it’s the 14th February, a date which has no meaning to either of you. It’s all just a bit too ..boring. Where’s the excitement in receiving a present you are expecting on a day you are expecting it. This could however all just be the bitter ramblings of a girl who doesn’t really eat chocolate, and hates the smell of flowers. I think I’d probably change my mind if I got a bouquet of, let’s say.. UNICORNS!!

Roobix are selling this amazing arrangement of fluffy stuffed unicorns, and it is a thing of beauty. Instead of buying your loved one a bouquet of roses which will wilt and die after a week, buy them a bouquet of rare, magical animals that will last forever, and smother them with happiness. There are 11 of the adorable little puffballs in assorted purple, pink and turquoise colours. They’re so fluffy I’m gonna die!!



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