Artist Alley: Fan-Art Kitties


These illustrations created by Laine are Pun-tastic! She has created various fandom inspired drawings of her cat, Waffles, and they are funny AND adorable. I’ve never been a massive fan of cats, always preferred dogs, but even I can appreciate how cute this ginger Scottish fold kitty is. Laine has drawn Waffles in various costumes related to each fandom, everyone with a puny cat related name. So far she has portrayed Waffles in Star Wars, Sherlock, Disney Princess, Anime, and British clothing. My particular favourites are Jabba the Catt, Little Mewmaid, Tomcat Hardy, Mew Neighpaw Totoro. I can’t wait to see what fandom she does next. Fingers crossed for a Supernatural mash-up.. Dean and Sam Catchester!





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