Unboxing: SuperLoot (Jan)


It’s almost the end of January, which means it’s time to open up a box of SuperLoot surprises. SuperLoot is a UK based company who provide a mystery box service for us nerds, ‘Loot you never knew you wanted’. If you like geeky products, such as pun-filled pop culture T-shirts, comics, stickers and toys, and you also love surprises, then why the hell have you not got one of these already!!?

This months theme was ‘Don’t fear the creeper’ – if you’re a gamer then you know what this means, Minecraft!! I was über excited about this, i’m a massive Minecraft fan so knew I’d probably love anything they threw at me. The boxes are generally filled with a variety of different things so that they can appeal to the widest range of people. This month was no exception; it was packed with a t-shirt, necklace, sticker, comics, lanyard and sweets. Mine even came with an extra surprise ..just because I’m awesome 😛

Check out all the amazing loot I got below:

Comics!! – I’m a massive comic collector so anything that fuels this obsession is a bonus. I definitely got lucky with these bad boys. HUGE Batman fan, so I got into the Detective Comic straight away. Never read any of The Darkness, but I’ve played the game and was terrified. I’m hoping the comic is just as adrenaline fueled.

Minecraft!! – Being the theme, there obviously had to be some creepers. The cute necklace was probably one of my box winners. I’ve got a pixelated Minecraft ‘diamond’ necklace already, so this will go with it nicely. The ‘Grim Creeper’ sticker is pretty adorable as well.

Mario Lanyard!! – This star scattered lanyard is going to come in hand over the upcoming festival season.

Sweets!! – I Loovvee sweets. To be honest I’m surprised I have all of my teeth still, I eat something sugary almost every day. This was a really good selection. Vimto candy floss is amazing, and Jelly Beans remind me of Harry Potter so I was in those straight away. Never tried Gobstoppers but those are next!

T-Shirt!! – A unique Minecraft themed t-shirt showing Steve digging up a Rubix Cube with Creepers loitering around, waiting to blow him up. I’ve never seen another shirt like this, looking forward to showing it off.

*Bonus* Man of Steel Blu Ray!! – Each month SuperLoot add an extra surprise to ten different boxes. They encourage everybody to send them videos of unboxing the SuperLoot, or photos of the contents of the box. The one’s they like the most get an extra product. I got my first SuperLoot box last month and posted a photo of myself in the amazing Deadpool T-Shirt that came with it. Here’s to hoping they like my next picture..

Me wearing my new Minecraft T-Shirt, with the Creeper necklace, whilst playing Minecraft (technically I’m actually taking a selfie, but moments before I was growing crops in my Minecraft world)

The items are a gamble each month, but this particular box happened to really suit my tastes, and I expect everything will get used. I generally buy loads of random geeky products anyway, SuperLoot just gives you that added bonus of it being a surprise each month, and at £16.49 it’s better than if you bought everything separately. I estimate that the necklace alone would retail at over £10. If you want to sign up to get next months box, check out the SuperLoot Website.

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