Comic Corner: Night of the living Deadpool #1


Everyone’s favourite anti-hero is back in Cullen Bunn’s brand new four part comic book series, Night of the Living Deadpool. If you’re a fan of George A Romero’s movies, I think you’ve probably guessed what Deadpool has in store – Zombies!! But these aren’t zombies like you’ve ever seen them before.

The Merc with the mouth wakes from a self induced food coma to find.. well, nobody. He can’t seem to find any other people at all. He doesn’t really think anything of it, all he knows is that he’s starving – the Chimichangas obviously didn’t hit the spot. In the search for more food, he comes across a walker, a single zombie bumbling around. Using the ‘act first, think later’ approach, he takes his pistol and aims straight at it’s head, but this causes the rest of the undead to come running. In the nick of time, a band of machine gun wielding rejects come to his rescue. They inform him about what’s happened since Deadpool was last conscious.

The underlying story is obviously familiar, and that’s intentional. It’s not meant to be a drama about surviving the apocalypse like The Walking Dead, it’s a tongue in cheek spoof. That is how it needs to be read, as a light hearted, mildly amusing short story. I thoroughly enjoyed it. It’s witty and funny in true Deadpool style, and it’s absolutely beautifully illustrated. Ramon Rosanas has done a superb job. The grey scale effect used throughout really makes Deadpool pop out of the pages, being the one thing shown in colour in his iconic red suit. The only other time colour is added, is during a flashback. Not only does this make it easier to differentiate between the timelines, but it also makes the present feel that bit more gritty and ominous. Oh and don’t forget those dirty yellow speech bubbles, another key Deadpool trait.

Did I mention the zombies can talk? The depressive, suicidal walkers made this comic for me, and they say the most amusing things. It definitely sets this comic apart from everything else in the zombie genre. Deadpool gets told that the cause of their speech is ‘leftover conscious riding along in their undead husk’ but I’m kind of hoping there is another, more in depth explanation at some point. He is also told that he may well be the only hero left, but in reality I find that hard to imagine, I mean he’s good, but not Iron Man good. I’m hoping for a cameo or two at some point, especially with Captain Americas shield appearing on the last page.

I’d definitely recommend giving it a read if you love anything apocalypse related like myself. And if you’re a fan of Deadpool, then why don’t you already have this? The second issue came out yesterday , so I’m looking forward to picking that up at the weekend.





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