Trailer Time: The Wolf Among Us: Part 2


Telltale Games have released a brand new trailer for the second episode of the The Wolf Among Us game, titled ‘Smoke and Mirrors’. I’ve got to say, I’m really looking forward to this, in fact I’ve been eagerly awaiting the next instalment for a while now. The game is based on the stunning Fables comics created by Bill Willingham. You may remember the review I posted at the end of December, written by my friend Corrie. We both sat through the game and got a completely different outcome. That is the beauty of this type of gameplay.. The choices you make in the story line drastically effect what happens to you in the end. The people you meet, and most importantly, the people who die will change depending on the storyline you wish to follow. Episode 2 will carry on with those initial choices.

The first instalment of the game ended with a rather shocking outcome, and it seems that in the next, things have gotten even worse. The trailer shows Bigby (the protagonist) getting his hands dirty in the interrogation room. ‘Everyone has a weakness, you just have to find where it is’ he says with clenched fists. He also seems to be getting in a spot of bother with the Beast. The game hasn’t got an official release date, but expect it sometime in early February.


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