Lightsaber Combat Academy


How am I only just finding out about this!? Infact, more to the point.. How has nobody else thought about creating a Lightsaber Academy before? As an avid Star Wars fan, I have dreamed of becoming a Jedi, literally spending hours upon hours fantasising about decapitating wrongdoers. I’ve attempted telekinesis, and it didn’t end well, so am certain I won’t be picking up the skills of the force successfully anytime soon, but if there’s a chance I can master my lightsaber wielding abilities, I’m jumping on that bandwagon.

The guys at LSCA are geniuses. The academy was formed in 2007 by three Italians who specialise in fencing and various forms of Martial Arts, such as Ju-Jitsu, Aikido, and Kempo Karate. They combined their knowledge of these arts with endless hours of watching and reading about the Star Wars universe, to create something amazing; a brand new sport, a brand new Star Wars sport, Lightsaber Combat.

LIghtsaber Combat involves the study and practise of the seven Jedi and Sith combat styles described in the Star Wars saga. Turning literary descriptions into reality was never going to be an easy task, especially seen as each of the seven styles had completely different characteristics. Then there were the Lightsaber’s to think about; ‘a sword with a weightless blade, a 360 degree edge that cuts everything except itself, with a weight balanced in a different way from any other, and all in the hilt’

The seven main forms of combat in the Star Wars universe are Shii-Cho, Makashi, Soresu, Ataru, Djem-So, Niman, and Juyo-Vaapad. You can learn all of these at the academy. You can even rise up through the ranks in true Jedi style; Padwan, Jedi/Sith, Jedi Knight/Sith’Ari, Jedi Master/Dark Lord, Grand Master, and Counciller. There are seven academies all together, unfortunately these are all located around Italy. Memberships prices seem reasonable for a Martial Arts club. Check out their website for more details.






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