Artist Alley: The Cutest Pokemon EVER!!


I have never been so in love with a series of illustrations before. These drawings, created by Deviant Artist ItsBirdyArt are beyond awesome. His style is so beautiful, that I could sit and admire his pictures all day. He draws with Crayola pencil crayons and outlines with a Bic pen – it’s hard to believe all of these have have been created with such simple instuments.

As you can probably tell, the theme throughout his art is Pokemon, but he hasn’t drawn Pokemon in their natural form, he’s selected the lowest evolved Pokemon of its chain, and dressed it in a Onesie or Hoodie of the highest evolved Poemon. It’s an incredible idea, and I’ve not seen anything like it before. The effect is wonderful, you see these already cute Pokemon characters get 100% cuter with the addition of an oversized onesie. I am definitely having an adorable overload right now. They are all equally my favourites, though I have to give a shout out to Psyduck, with his tiny Misty doll.. Can’t get enough of that picture.













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