Trailer Time: Amazing Spider-man 2


Yesterday’s Super Bowl brought us an array of brand new movie trailers to drool over; Captain America, Transformers, The Muppets. My favourite however, was for Marc Webbs Spider-man sequal; The Amazing Spider-man 2. This promo has made me incredibly excited for its release on 2nd May later this year.

I’ve been following its production quite closely, and while I have seen glimpses of the actors on set, this trailer has given us all an amazing look at the villains who seem to dominate the movie. First up; Electro, played by Jamie Foxx. He seemed to be the main focus of the trailer, having almost as much screen time as Spidey. I’ve already seen lots of images of him in full electric glory, but yesterday gave me a glimpse at the man behind the electricity; Max Dillon.

In the comics, Max works for an electricity company, where he finds himself in a spot of bother when coming face to face with electricity lines during a lightning storm. In Webbs version, he appears to be an Oscorp employee, with an infatuation over the web slinger. A quick glimpse at a vat of electric eels gives us an idea of how Electro gets his powers, but I’ll be interested to see why exactly he goes from loving to loathing Spider-man – forgetting his name, as the trailer suggests, seems a little too weak.

We also see quite a lot of Harry Osborne, played by Dane Dehaan, and have a first look at that iconic Green Goblin armour. Fans of the comics, and the previous Spider-man movies, will know that Norman Osborne, the original Green Goblin, is Spideys’s ultimate nemesis. It is only natural that his son Harry will follow in his fathers footsteps. I’m curious to find out just how evil he will be though.

Finally, Paul Giamatti’s Rhino makes a brief appearance. That massive robot looking thing stomping around the city, that’s him. It’s not how I imagined Rhino being portrayed, but that makes me even more excited.. And admittedly a tad apprehensive. It’s also worth mentioning a small scene where we get a quick peek at Doctor Octopuses Tentacles, and the Vultures wings. Neither are reportedly in the movie, but this seems like a bit of a setup for that rumoured Sinister Six movie. Oh how I love a cameo.

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