Star Wars Cookbook


I love eating so, so much, but I’ve never been that great at cooking anything; I get distracted easily which means my cakes burn, and my pasta goes too limp. I kind of figure though, if I were to make something truly awesome, I’d hopefully be able to pay attention and look after it. This is where the Star Wars cookbook comes in. Who wouldn’t want to pay attention if they were making Wookie Cookies, or Leia’s Buns!?

This 27 recipe Star Wars themed cookbook looks like a lot of fun. It’s aimed for children to encourage them to cook, but there is nothing saying that the big kids can’t have a go at the puny recipes. The whole book is printed on glossy, waterproof pages making it easy to wipe down. It also has a hardback cover for easy storage. Other recipes include Hoth Chocolate, Yoda Soda, C3PO Pancakes, Death Star Popcorn Balls, and Han Burgers.




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