Top 10: Geeky Valentines Day Gifts


So Valentines Day is lame! People who don’t have partners or dates get to feel bad about themselves, and people who do, get to stress out about what to buy their significant other, eventually choosing the generic ‘flowers and chocolates’ option anyway. Well, I have created a list of my favourite geeky valentines gifts, perfect for your nerdy better half. They are all essentially things I would love any time of the year, but have this added lovey dovey factor which makes them perfect presents for Valentines day.

10. 8-bit roses from ThinkGeek


Real flowers shrivel and die after a week. 8-bit flowers live forever and – added bonus – don’t smell like old ladies. This pixelated rose from Think Geek is a brightly coloured gem, which will keep it’s shine without the need of added water; perfect for the geek who loves pretty things, but neglects plants due to obsessive week long gaming habits. It even comes with it’s own Mario style pipe vase so you can stand it up on your desk to admire all year long.

9. Nerdy Domo Plush from Hot Topic


Teddy bears and stuffed toys are another very boring cliché Valentines gift, well, unless you’re getting an awesome pink Domo stuffed toy with added nerdy glasses. This little guy is so adorable, and he’s pink, PINK, that must mean he’s V-day appropriate right? He comes with added love heart specs and would be perfect for any nerd who happens to be a secret softie at heart.

8. Meteorite Heart Necklace from Etsy seller ThePolkadotMagpie


Want to give your partner something out of this world ..literally? Then you need to check out these necklaces made from real meteor rock. The Meteorite is formed from a mixture of Iron and Nickel, you can even see the crystals that were formed within, on its decent down to earth. The rock has been shaped into a cute little heart, and hung on the end of a 24 inch chain. There are also key chains available if you decide a necklace is too feminine for the guys.

7. DC Bombshell Statues from Forbidden Planet


I had to add these statues to the list because they are absolutely stunning. They are the epitome of sexy, styled like 1940’s pin-up girls. The DC Comics Bombshell collection includes Black Canary (pictured above), Poison Ivy, Batgirl, Wonder Woman, Stargirl, Supergirl, and Harley Quinn. They stand at about 10 inches, each with their own named base. Designer Ant Luca has done a phenomenal job – I want them all!

6. Piece of Heart Pendant from PendantLab


This Legend of Zelda inspired pendant is gorgeous, and would be perfect for any Zelda fan. The necklace, made of sealed glass domes, is hand crafted making each one completely unique. It reflects the light perfectly, giving it a gem like effect.

5. Comic Book couple Tank Tops from Hot Topic


The Joker and Harley Quinn are probably not the most appropriate couple to represent Valentines day. Their relationship is definitely on the unorthodox side, but they show everyone that love doesn’t necessarily have to be ‘sane’, to say the least. I think that’s why I love this particular top so much. There are a few other iconic DC couples available on the HT site; Spider-man and Black Cat, Superman and Wonder Woman, and Batman and Catwoman.

4. Star Wars Rings from Spiffing Jewelry


One of the most memorable scene’s in the whole of the Star Wars franchise is when Princess Leia turns to Han Solo and tells him that she loves him, he himself replying ‘I know’, like the scamp he is. SJ have created these romantic rings based on this movie scene, and they are just so awesome and insanely appropriate. They are supposed to be wedding bands, but seen as I’m not married and I want them, I’m going to go ahead and say they belong together on the same finger.

3. Batman & Catwoman Statue From DC Entertainment


I know I’m slightly biased because I adore Batman, and all of his protégés, but isn’t this the most beautiful statue ever!? It depicts a scene from the Batman Comic mini series; Hush, where Catwoman and Batman share a kiss atop the rooftops. Jim Lee, the comic book artist, has done an amazing job with the whole series, and I just love that they’ve been able to transform his amazing illustration to statue form.

2. Anatomical Heart Necklace from Empty Casket


This is the only product out of my top 10 that I currently own (I will have all the rest someday, believe me). I had to add it in because I adore it. In fact, I kind of resent not being given it on Valentines day, because it is so damned appropriate – *cough* not that I even like this time of year!! People associate hearts with V-day because of love, but why be conventional and give someone a ‘heart’ shaped locket, give them a REAL heart shaped locket. It’s a stunning piece. Solid silver, with a magnetic clasp, and so detailed it would make the squeamish squirm.

1. Mix Tape USB from Amazon


I just had to pick this as my top Valentines gift. It’s not the most expensive, not the most beautiful, not even the most appropriate, but it is the most thoughtful. I loved getting mix tapes when I was younger – from friends, from boyfriends, but it’s not something anybody does anymore because music is all digital. I love music, especially discovering new tracks. Songs can express how you feel without you having to do it yourself. That’s why this is so perfect.

6 thoughts on “Top 10: Geeky Valentines Day Gifts

      • It’s a singing voice synthesizer. I pretty sure there are ones for every language, but they are most popular in Japan. So therefore, the Japanese ones are the most popular. Anyway, Vocaloids are capable of singing any genre, and can reach pitches that most humans probably couldn’t. Anyone can buy a Vocaloid and have songs they have written sung by said Vocaloid. They pretty expensive from what I hear, but the songs that are released on the internet can be listened to for free. They are definitely worth checking out. I should probably warn you, though. As previously stated, anyone can buy a Vocaloid, so there are some inappropriate songs out there. Anyway, I leave a link to my own personal favorite Vocaloid song in the comment. I also have a post with my top 5 favorite Vocaloid songs, I can give you the link if you’re interested. Anyway, the song is called “Remote Control” and it is sung by my favorite Vocaloids, Kagamine Rin and Len.

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