All Grown up


I grew up with Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network. It wasn’t just me watching shows here and there, it was built into my daily routine. I’d wake up and my mum would sit me in front of the TV to watch the Rugrat’s whilst eating my cereal, then when I got home, I’d sit and watch shows like Rocket Power or Recess whilst she was cooking dinner.

The best thing about all these cartoons was that I could relate to them because we all seemed like we must have been about the same age, it meant that they were going through similar issues as I – school, friends, boys, though granted, they were so much more awesome than me, with their trips to Africa and their crazy Surfing adventures. I grew up though and they all stayed the same age. That’s why I love these illustrations created by Isaiah Stephens, the artist who created some of my favourite Disney Princess fan art. It gives me that massive nostalgic feeling to think that they all aged progressively like myself and are now in their twenties.

Isaiah has done a brilliant job with these pictures. I love that you can easily tell which cartoon character they are supposed to be, whether from their physical characteristics, such as Chuckie’s red hair and freckles, or from their outfits – Spinelli’s is basically exactly the same. It’s also amazing to see what each look like in a relatively human form, rather than the misshaped cartoons they used to be. Hey Arnold’s head isn’t really shaped like a football!? The shows he has developed illustrations for so far include Recess, Rocket Power, Dexter’s Laboratory, The a Wild Thornberry’s, South Park, Rugrats and Hey Arnold. I’d love to see one for Ed, Edd and Eddy.







4 thoughts on “All Grown up

  1. These are some awesome pictures. Actually, Sam from Rocket Power looks kind of cute in this fanart. I could work with that! Haha. It does bring back memories, I’m gonna have to look into this. ūüėÄ

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