Artist Alley: Happy Never After


Blue Banana have just released these amazingly sadistic T-Shirts on their website. This new ‘Happy Never After’ line is based on Disney Princesses and Fairy tail Favourites, with one major twist ..they are all psychopaths! Little Goldilocks decided to slaughter the three bears, turning them into rugs and scarfs, Ariel sunk her Prince Charming to the bottom of the ocean so they could be together forever, and Red Riding Hood helped the big bad wolf eat her Grandma. It’s an amazing idea, proving that Princesses aren’t always perfect, and can crack like the rest of us – though, it seems that when they ‘crack’, they actually go insane.

My favourite is the only t-shirt which shows the opposite – the heroine is the victim. It depicts a scene from the Wizard of Oz, only in this version, Dorothy has been torn apart by the Scarecrow, the lion and the Tinman for the organs they needed from the Wizard. Those lazy bastards! Other characters include Alice in Wonderland, Jasmine, Repunzal, Cinderella, Snow White, and Tinkerbell. I’d personally love to see a Princess and the Frog version, showing her sat at the dining table eating frogs legs.










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