Lego X-Mansion


Lego Cuusoo is a website formed by the Lego Group, and a company called Cuusoo, which allows users to submit their ideas for lego sets that they want produced comercially. Anybody can submit a design, and if the Lego bosses decide to put it into production, the designer will receive 1% of the royalties, however, the set has to gain 10,000 supporters before it’s even considered.

All sorts of sets have been submitted, the few successful projects so far include Lego Minecraft, Lego Back to the Future Delorian, and Lego Mars Curiosity Rover. Most recently, the Lego Ghostbusters set was chosen to go into production. Designer Darthky has just submitted a set, and it just so happens to be amazing! He has created the X-Mansion, a building used by Professor Xavier of the X-Men, to house his School for Gifted Youngsters. The mansion is four stories high, it’s basically a dolls house, but a freaking awesome dolls house, made of Lego, and not a barbie in sight! The rooms include a Danger Room, Labratory, Classroom, and Xavier’s office. There is even a room to hold Cerebro.

X-Men minifigs will also come with the set. Out of the 100+ choices, they have only chosen six; Xavier, Beast, Shadowcat, Mystique, Gambit, and Storm. I think they could have picked better characters to include, though it seems they have gone for the most popular at the moment, due to the release of the upcoming movie; Days of Future Past. I’d like to see a Cyclops and Jean Gray in there somewhere ..X-Men isn’t really the same without their drama!





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