Dismember Me Zombie


Do you ever get so frustrated with someone that you kind of wish you could just rip their head off and stuff it into a bag then chuck it over a bridge so it sinks to the bottom of the river and gets devoured by fish until it’s just floating little bits of flesh? Just me? ..maybe I’ve been watching too much Supernatural as of late! Well if you do need to take your frustration out on something, maybe it’s about time you invested in my little friend here.

I’m sure at one point he was a handsome man, with bright blue eyes and dark black hair. But that was before he climbed out of the toy graveyard and became an undead zombie corpse. To be fair to him, he’s still insanely adorable, with his inevitably squishy belly and his teeny tiny detachable brain. You can literally tear him apart if you want to ..remove his legs, yank off his head, you can even rip him in two! And the best thing, he won’t even mind, because you can just put him back together again! Just make sure you keep him away from the rest of your teddies ..zombie’s gotta eat!




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