Fandom Fashion Finds: Pokédunks


I flipping love shoes. I’d definitely say they’re up there with my Batman obsession, but unlike most women, I don’t hoard high heels, I collect trainers (Sneakers for you Americans). My collection’s pretty massive, I’d say I’m nearing 50 pairs, possibly more. Unfortunately, none of them are decorated with Pokemon, and after seeing these trainers created by Houggiebear, I’m actually quite sad about that. I’ve dabbled in designing my own shoes, in fact I’m currently making myself a pair of Scott Pilgrim Converse, but they are no where near the level of these Nike Dunks.

I’ve got to say, Houggiebear is a pretty talented guy. He has chosen the colour scheme of each pair carefully, making sure it matches the Pokemon it is due to represent. For example, Charmander is an orange Pokemon, with a red and yellow flame at the end of his tail. These three colours have therefore been used to shade the background of the trainer, the end result looks awesome. My favourite is definitely Tokapi, he still looks adorable, even in shoe form. It’s kind of inspired me to make my own pokepair, but we’ll see how the SP pair go first.







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