Youtube Spotlight: Zombies in the Sewer?


I get slightly nervous when people run past me not wearing jogging outfits. I never run, ever, and the only reason I would even consider partaking in that excruciating cardio would be if I had to run for my life from zombies. If I saw the undead walking around New York, I wouldn’t hesitate to pick up the nearest bin and lob it at their heads. If one of them tried to grab at my ankles, I’d stomp on their hands until their fingers fell off.

The Walking Dead team at AMC are some sneaky buggers. They staged an elaborate prank in NYC to promote the upcoming mid-season return of their popular tv show. The team dressed up as walkers, with costumes and bloody make-up, then climbed under a grate in the pavement awaiting their prey. As unsuspecting pedestrians walked past, the ‘zombies’ grabbed at their ankles through the bars, scaring them half to death. It’s hilarious to watch.

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