Artist Alley: Adventure X-Time


A mash up is when two good things are combined to create something awesome! It can work in song form, when two tunes are mixed to make one amazing song, but it is most successful in Art. I love mash-ups because you’re potentially getting two things you love for the price of one. It is incredibly popular in pop culture, and probably most common with Disney Princesses. In fact, there are so many illustrations out there, it lead me to make a top 10 of my favourite Disney Mash ups.

These Adventure Time / X-Men Mash ups are definitely some of the best I’ve seen. 08AM has created Adventure X-Time, which includes Finn as Wolverine, Jake as Beast, Bubblegum Princess as Jean Gray, BMO as Angel, Marceline as Emma Frost, and the Ice King as Magneto. He also added Lumpy Space Princess as, well ..LSP, though I think he could have been a little more inventive, maybe Mystique, who morphed into LSP!?










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