Artist Alley: Disney Children


These are some of the most adorable little illustrations I have ever seen. I’ve come across a lot of Disney Fanart in the past, but I’ve never seen anybody draw the princesses as if they were children. Moonchildinthesky has done just that. She has taken her favourite characters, which includes Aurora, Belle, Jasmin, Ariel, Repunzel, Tiana, Esmerelda, Gisele, Mulan, and Meg, then shrunk them down to their child selves. I just wanna.. Gah! ..Hug and squeeze them!

Each little girl is accompanied by a toy, making the pictures extra cute, and each toy is modelled after a character that actually appears in the movie at some point. Most of the time it is an animal friend, such as Flounder, or Pascal. In Megs case, she has a Hades teddy. I think I like this one the most because, instead of hugging it close like every other princess, she’s holding it at a distance as if disgusted that she has it, and gives it that judgemental glare she so commonly wears in the movie.











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