Funko Friday: Funko Fabrikations


So after Funko released their Ghostbusters Pop Vinyl line, I decided that I needed them, and not just them, I needed ALL of the Pop Vinyl figures, with their cute bubble bodies and big black eyes. Well Funko has really screwed me over. They’ve just released a brand new line of toys, and now I want them all to. This new line is called Fabrikations. They are 6inch plush toys, with sturdy flat feet so they can stand, and movable heads. They are really adorable, similar to the Pop Vinyls, but with an added bonus of being soft and cuddly. The release has come just ahead of the New York Toy Fair tomorrow, so they’ve only put up a few preview pictures. The characters so far include; Batman, Harley Quinn, Boba Fett, Yoda, Greedo, Deadpool, and TMNT Raphael. Expect to see loads more in the next few days.

20140215-135133 20140215-133618

13 thoughts on “Funko Friday: Funko Fabrikations

  1. I dont know how it was in forbidden planet though, apparently it was a comic con exclusive, maybe my brain got sizzled and I saw it somewhere else. It is awesome though 🙂

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