Artist Alley: Shadow Disney


The Shadow Collection by Joe Alexander is definitely something different. Alexander has taken heroines from a whole load of Disney movies, and placed them in shadow boxes with their arch nemesis in the background as their shadows. It’s a pretty stunning collection. The design reminds me of a stain glass window, though the fact they don’t have faces does kind of creep me out somewhat. Infact, they give off a terribly eerie feel, as if the emotionless, faceless princesses are stuck in a mirror, guarded by their Villains shadow. This is the stuff nightmares are made from! I’d love to see a superhero/super-villain version. Ironman and Mandarin, Mr Fantastic and Doctor Doom ..though I think it would be harder to tell who is who.










2 thoughts on “Artist Alley: Shadow Disney

  1. What adds to the eerie-ness is the stained dirty look all of the pictures have. Not to mention it looks like the paint is running a little bit. I think this is my favorite Disney Girls picture collection now. Thanks for sharing! 😀

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