Artist Alley: Star Wars High


The Star Wars we know and love is a Sci-Fi adventure, spread over half a dozen blockbuster movies, and set on tonnes of different planets; Tatooine, Alderaan, Hoth. Well what if that wasn’t the case. What if Star Wars was actually an 80s TV show set in a high school? The whole story happening in the same place, at the same time. All the iconic events within the Star Wars franchise would become scenes within the cafeteria, the gym, or the hallways, in a school where Han, Leia, Luke, Vader, Threepio, and Artoo were all pupils, teenagers. I can’t say I’ve ever thought about it before, but Denis Medri has.

He started off by re-designing all the main characters to look like they were all students or teachers in this 80s Star Wars school. I’ve got to say, his work is insanely impressive. Not only do the characters all resemble their Star Wars counterparts physically, but there are so many extra references to the movies which makes it all that more exciting to look at, like Han Solo wearing an ‘I shot first’ t-shirt, and Leia with bulky headphones to resemble those iconic buns she styles her hair into. I especially love Vader, made to look like the leader of a motorcycle gang, wearing black leathers and a black helmet, his two Stormtrooper sidekicks in the same but white. He’s even included some of the older characters; Yoda the tiny Asian gym teacher, Kenobi the wise History teacher, and Palpatine the ‘evil headmaster’.

After getting the characters exactly how he wanted them, he started re-creating scenes from the films as if they had always happened at this school; Yoda is working Luke hard in the schools gym, Leia is passing Artoo a message, Luke is being hassled by some strangers in the ‘kantina’, and Vader is attacking Luke with his Lightsaber ..a red baseball bat. Medri’s attention to detail is incredible. I’m actually quite sad at the thought that this show will never exist. See if you can guess what all the scenes are.











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