Funko Friday: Firefly Action Figures


So this has happened.. Funko has finally created some Firefly action figures. Now is it just me, or do these just look terrible!? I’m not sure whether they’re meant to be like that, as they’re labelled ‘retro’, but as much as they are giving me a rather fuzzy nostalgic feeling, I am not sure I will be going out and buying any. I mean look at Wash’s peroxide blonde hair? He looks more like Spike from Buffy. Though I must admit, I love his little dinosaur accessories. As long as they get approved, the toys will go on sale in April and will roughly be around $10 so that’s a bonus ..nice and cheap. Maybe I will get a couple after all!






4 thoughts on “Funko Friday: Firefly Action Figures

    • You’ve never heard of Firefly? :O it’s awesome. There was only one season, but it was perfect, kind of a space age western. And it had Nathan Fillion in it as Mal, the main character

      • I might have to check it out sometime, then. 🙂 It’s not really surprising that I haven’t heard of it, though. I’m a little behind on stuff like that.

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