Artist Alley: Disney Princesses of Westeros


My site is littered with pop culture mashups. I just love them. The idea that you are getting two things that you love, portrayed in one image, makes me very happy. I think I see Disney Princess mashups more than anything else, and these Disney / Game of Thrones illustrations created by Sam Tsui are some of my favourites.

Both Disney and GoT are incredibly popular, and have such a diverse cast of ladies, that I’m honestly quite surprised I haven’t seen any thing like this before. I’m incredibly impressed at the mashups too. Not only has he used physical traits to pair them, he also used similarities in personality.

For example; Elsa has been drawn as Daenerys. They both look relatively similar, each with platinum blonde hair, but they also have magical abilities ..Elsa with ice powers, and Deanerys with immunity to fire. Merida from Brave, and Ygritte are also a perfect pairing. Both have flaming red hair, with strong, defiant personalities and amazing bow and arrow skills. I think Snow White as Shae is probably my favourite though, purely for Tsui’s reasoning behind the mashup – They both really like the company of Dwarves. Too right!














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