Free Games on Xbox Live – February


This last week, Xbox 360 have had an Ultimate Games Sale going on. Some are just for the day, some for a whole week, each ranging from around 50% off, to 80% – though I have seen one game on sale (Guardians of Middle-Earth) for a huge 93% off, making it only 69p.

I’ve been massively taking advantage of this sale, already cashing in on games such as Portal 2, Mass Effect, and the brand new Walking Dead game, episode one. But if you don’t want to spend anymore money this month, there is a rather large list of games that are actually free for Xbox live customers. This includes the Monthly Xbox Live Gold Game, Toy Soldiers: Cold War. The rest of the free games available are listed below:

World of Tanks
Ascend: Hand of Kul
Spartacus Legends
World Series of Poker: Full House Pro
Doritos Crash Course
Hexic HD
Harms Way
Happy Wars
Walking Dead Series One (Episode 1)
The Wolf Among Us (Episode 1)
Air Band (Kinect)
Totemball (Kinect)
Mars Rover Landing (Kinect)
Kinect Play (Kinect)
Battle stuff (Kinect)

I’d personally recommend taking advantage of The first episode of The Wolf Among Us being free, especially if you’ve played Telltales Walking Dead game, or read Bill Willingham’s Fable comics. It really is awesome.

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