Geeky DIY: Scott Pilgrim Shoes


I’ve always wanted to design my own pair of shoes, I’ve just never had the resources to do so. Ok, fine, it’s not really that hard to get your hands on a load of sharpies, so I take that back was more of a time and patience thing. Well I had some holiday over Christmas and decided to give them a go.

The first step was obviously – get a pair of shoes, ideally white and made of canvas material, with lots of space to draw on. I managed to pick up a pretty cheap pair from Primark. They were converse style so had loads of colouring space. Next I bought a massive pack of sharpies, nice and simple. The hardest bit was picking something to draw. After some deliberation I was down to two designs; Batman and Scott Pilgrim – two of my favourite things, so to be honest, it wasn’t really that hard a decision.

I picked Scott Pilgrim in the end. I love the graphic novels by Bryan Lee O’Malley, and I adore the Edgar Write movie, I even got one of the brand new coloured graphic novels for Christmas, which made my life a lot easier. Picking exactly what to draw was a little difficult. I decided on a Scott and Ramona theme. Then it was just transferring that to the shoe, which is a lot harder than you’d think, and even harder with stupid sharpies because the colours run into each other.. So.much.swearing!! But I think they turned out alright. Just need to waterproof them and they’re ready for a test run.








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