Fandom Fashion Find: Game of Thrones Collection


Margaery, Daenerys, Melisandre ..they all have two things in common; a desire to become queen, and amazing fashion sense. Their dresses are some of the most beautiful garments in all of Westeros. This can’t be a coincidence – dress like a queen, become the queen! If you fancy a shot at the Iron Throne, maybe you need to take a page out of their books and shock everyone with your style!

Black Milk Clothing are here to help. They’ve released a Game of Thrones clothing line which is sure to stop Joffrey in his tracks that you can stab him with the pointy end! Instead of boring armour, cover your legs with the shells of dragons eggs. We all know dragon eggs are flame resistant, and durable! And instead of a flowery embroidered dress, how about wearing a whole map of Westeros – beautiful, and functional. You can ride around the land with your whole army, and never get lost.

The line gets released onto the Black Milk Clothing website on the 11th March. Make sure you’re ready for the blood bath!








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