Star Trek Theme Park


I have fantasised about joining the USS Enterprise crew so many times, that I actually have dreams that I’m Sulu. Going where no man has gone before? What could be better than exploring space! Well, considering Star Trek is set 200+ years into the future, I’m not sure that is ever going to be a reality for me. That’s why I’m insanely excited about the prospect of there being a Star Trek theme park.

Paramount is creating a brand new complex in Murcia, Spain. The wide-ranging project will incorporate office buildings, hotels, malls, a casino, a convention center, gardens, nightlife and dining areas, and… a theme park divided into several sections. One of the sections, Plaza Futura, will be based on JJ Abrams Star Trek movies, and is promising to be quite impressive.

3D renderings depict a large futuristic square that will include a Starfleet recruiting center, a 3D simulator ride, and a Warp Speed Coaster that will reach exciting heights and speeds. There will even be a Starfleet restaurant. There is no official opening date, but Winter 2015 is the only estimation at the moment.












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