Artist Alley: X-Men / Sailor Moon Mashup


I haven’t seen Sailor Moon for ages. I used to be a massive fan when I was younger – my sisters and I would watch it religiously. But then all went quiet, and it’s only recently that I’ve heard anything about the franchise, when creator Naoko Takeuchi announced that a brand new anime is in development. The anime had a release date of December 2013, but obviously that’s been and gone. The date has now been changed to July 2014, but there’s no guarantee that will stick either.

Apart from dates, not much else has been announced. We know that it will be available to stream on the Japanese website Niconico, and that the anime is going to be an adaption of the original rather than a remake, but we don’t know anything about the storyline, the characters, or the cast. This will come in due time I am sure. In the meantime, if you need a Sailor Moon fix, illustrator Robbie has created these awesome Sailor Moon / X-Men mashups. He’s used the most influential x-men females, and reimagined them as the Sailor Scouts. The outcome is some pretty badass ladies.






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