Fandom Fashion Find: Tasty Shoes


I’m a sucker for all sweet things. If it’s high on sugar, it’s going into my mouth. Haribo hearts, Sherbet, Marzipan, Macaroons, Lolly Pops, Cake (just a few of my favourite sugary energy highs) – cake especially! I’m drooling just thinking about it.

My ultimate dream would be to live in Adventure Times’ Candy Kingdom. Everything’s made of cake in there; the houses, the ground, even the people. I could eat everything and everyone, though I think the residents would get suspicious if a human were to follow them around. And I’d probably just end up eating myself if I were made of cake, so I’d need a disguise ..a baked goods disguise!

These shoes, created by Shoe Bakery, are perfect for my deliciously sneaky needs. They are custom made, and modelled on your favourite dessert. Want to wear doughnuts on your feet? They can make that happen! Want to slip your toes into an ice cream cone? Consider it a done deal. They definitely don’t skimp on detail either; icing, sprinkles, cherries, Oreo cookies – anything you want you can have. My favourite shoes in their gallery are the Vanilla Ice Cream heels with a cherry on the top. They definitely look good enough to eat.






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