Artist Alley: Female Doctor Who’s


Doctor Who would be perfect if it wasn’t for the fact that the Doctor never regenerates as a woman. Surely, if the regeneration is random, the probability of the doctor becoming a female is 50/50, and yet, he always comes back as a man. I’m not sure whether there’s a specific reason. Maybe it’s tradition ..and even though I’m a fan of the show, I definitely don’t know enough about it to warrant a discussion on whether this is even possible, though I don’t recall ever hearing anything about it being impossible. Plus, there were hundreds of women on Gallifrey (the doctors home planet) so Female time lords have definitely existed at some point.

Either way, I like to picture what an eccentric female Doctor would be like. I’m certain she would be amazingly sophisticated yet hilariously fun, like Judi Dench, or Helen Miren. Picturing what she’d look like is harder though. That’s why I adore these illustrations by Deviant Artist Cherry Barrie. She’s redesigned all twelve doctors to look like their female counterparts, and they all seem surprisingly accurate, from their clothes, to their hair styles. Even their expressions look similar. I’d love to see real life versions of all of her female doctors. Maybe I need to invest in a load of wigs and material, and have a go at some Cosplaying.



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