Happy Pancake day!!


Baking is definitely not my strongest asset, but I absolutely love eating, and today is pancake day which is one of my favourite ‘holidays’ because it’s all about food ..eating food! Did I mention I like food?

So my pancakes generally consist of dollops of batter that eventually kind of resemble the circular shape of a frying pan. I’ve never attempted creating any other shapes because circles themselves are honestly a difficult task for me. I could probably extend my abilities to making some of Jake’s (Adventure Time) Bacon Pancakes, but would absolutely love to get a bit more adventurous than that; I have the patience, just not the skill. If I had the skill, I would definitely be making these amazing 3D pancakes created by Jim, from Jim’s Pancakes.

They are incredibly impressive. He’s done everything from a Star Wars ATAT Walker, to a My Little Pony. I’ve picked out some of my favourite geeky designs, but there are loads more on his website. He even has a few tutorial videos so you can have a go at creating some 3D pancakes yourself, if you’re up for the challenge of course!!






If you’re like me, and have limited cooking abilities, then there are some cheats to creating awesome geeky pancakes. Williams-Sonoma have some amazing Star Wars pancake molds on their website. One set contains a load of the vehicles, such as the Millenium Falcon and an X-Wing. The other set contains characters like Yoda and Darth Vader. All look delicious! I think I’d feel guilty eating them if it wasn’t for the fact I love pancakes.




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